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New version 4.1.0
Date: Sunday, May 02, 2010 @ 21:38:25 CEST
Topic: HyperLobby

Hello All

Next HyperLobby release 4.1.0 is done. This release fixing few bugs and adding those major features:

  • Autoupdate. HyperLobby now can update itself when next release come out. It will improve fixes deployment, offload me from some tasks associated with release maintenance, and provide fast deployment of new features.
  • HLGEXA 1.0
  • Clicking username from the chat will show popup menu
  • Removed useless ip address send
  • Send pager message menu item moved on the top of the popup menu

Complette release notes is listed here, download is as always here.

Support for 3.x version was dropped. If you are updating  from 3.x version you must read release news from the previuos release here. In some cases autoupdate of the datafiles (friendlist, etc) do not work correctly. It happen when you using 3.x version in other than installation folder or you using not installed copy of HL (copied from other computer, etc). Guide how to manually import datafiles from 3.x version is here.


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