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New version 4.2.3
Date: Thursday, June 03, 2010 @ 21:48:47 CEST
Topic: HyperLobby

Hello all

After 2 weeks next release of HL is done. Its only bugfix release adding ability to adjust new gameinfo system. The problems fixed in this releas has been solved due to requests made by our forum members. Thanks guys.

Changes since 4.2.0:

Whats new:

  • Added ability to change automatic gameinfo timing via settings editor, section [Configuration]:

    ;Gameinfo timing (in miliseconds)
    ;time to wait before gi show
    ;during this period gi ignore mouse move
    ;timeout after mouse move to hide gi

    To adjust those values copy them in to [Configuration] section manually or reset the configuration to default.
  • autogi=0 in [Configuration] section of the settings will disable automatic gameinfo popup and enable show it via popup menu. This is an unsupported hack and may be removed from future releases.

Bug fixes:

  • Installer will remember your last installed location and during autoupdate it will update previuos installation. If you had problem with this, skip autoupdate, download and install HL by standart way and select your destination folder. Next autoupdate will honor that destionation folder automatically.
  • The gameinfo sometimes stayed open longer than was supposed.
  • Fixes graphical glitches in gameinfo and the menu transitions.
  • Optimized difficulty settings repaint in gameinfo.
  • Removed ignore/uningnore menu item from games in progress and friendlist popup menu.
  • Adjusted gameinfo timing to show the info later and hide sooner.
  • TOS has been updated to version 2.0, TOS window is now bigger and content is better to understand.

Since 4.2.x development window is still open work at 4.3.x will delay.


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