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New version 4.2.7
Date: Monday, June 21, 2010 @ 19:52:06 CEST
Topic: HyperLobby

Hello all

Next release of HL is done. This version fixing long standing bug for users using East Asian regional settings and adding few new features.

Full changelog from latest 4.2.3 version:

Whats new:

  • Popup menu have new submenu Options. Via Options menu you can show offline friends, disable friends status messages or disable automatic gameinfo.
  • Added chat configuration interface. It allow configuration of any HL configuration values by a simple chat command. The commands are:

    /qc <item> - show value of <item> in [Configuration] section, example /qc scale will show actual scalling value
    /sc <item>=<value> - set <value> of <item> in [Configuration] section, example /sc scale=1.25 set scale value to 1.25
    /qg <item> - show value of <item> in curent game section, example /qc joinDelay will show time in seconds HL waiting before client session start
    /sg <item>=<value> - set <value> of <item> in curent game section, example /sg joinDelay=20 set wait time to 20 seconds

    This feature will help improve users support in future.

Bug fixes:

  • HL crash when running with East Asian (China, Japan) Windows regional settings.
  • Better error messages when creating HyperLobby data folder fail.
  • Friendlist and ignorelist may be created in wrong location, whis can raise some runtime errors during startup.
  • Some internal performance improvements.
  • Input containing non ascii characters causes HL crash (4.2.6 hotfix)
  • Pager messages do not accept newlines (4.2.7 hotfix)


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