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New version 4.2.11
Date: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 @ 19:48:51 CET
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Hello all

After a while, next release of HL is done fixing outstanding issues reported by our members and adding few cool features ...

Here is cummulated changelog since lates 4.2.7 release:

Whats new:

  • HL now can autostart game in to server mode via commandline option -a. First time you need setup game server options by classic way, then close HL and start it with -a parameter. HL connect to the HL server, register game session and autostart the game in to server mode. When the game exit , HL close itself. This feature is for example usefull to automatically run IL2 dedicated server within HL. This mode is compatible also with instancing.

Bug fixes:

  • Do not show gameinfo popup when a mouse button is down. This will fix unwanted gameinfo popup during scrolling player lists with scrollbar.
  • Friend list has not been cleared after room change.
  • Slotkick has been issued when ignored user tried to use other game session. It was generated strange looking error messages from the server.
  • When user is unignored his name may begin with character ?
  • User from friendlist cannot be ignored anymore.
  • Ignored user cannot be added in to your friendlist anymore.
  • Save friendlist and ignorelist immediatly after its changed. It will prevent friendlist and ignorelist loss when HL or system crash.
  • Mouse icon missing over player name in chat.
  • Optimized network API.
  • Fixed startup and profile selection sequence.
  • Fixed several exploits.
  • When DNS service fail HL will hung during reconnect session.
  • Under poor network connection condition or HL server outage HL can leak socket handles during reconnect session.
  • When user game end HL may fail reconnect back to HL server.

This release is primary published via HL autoupdate and support to older relases are dropped immediatly, since major bug fixes included.

If you got problems with autoupdate you may download and install this release manually from our download section and please report those issues in to our forum.


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