Tips and tricks using the Hyperlobby

Chat colours and formats:

To make your text colored in the Hyperlobby chat first type %! And then the colour r,b,y,m,w,g,y without any spaces. If a space is used as a colour then the default Hyperlobby text colour is showen. Some examples:

%!rHello = Red colour Hello
%!bHello = Blue colour Hello
%!yHello = Yellow colour Hello
%!mHello = Magenta colour Hello
%!wHello = White colour Hello
%!gHello = Green colour Hello
%iy = Italic yellow text
%br = Bold red text
%ub = Underline blue text
%sr = Strike thru red text
%xr = Big red text

/me = 3rd person IRC style message

Maximize HyperLobby window:

Size of the HL window can be changed by several ways:
Doubleclick the window title, it will maximize/minimize HL window
Type /std or /max command in to the chat
Use the "Edit settings" from the Menu and change scale=1 to suggested values (comments are inside of the settings editor)

Auto login to game room:

If you want to start the Hyperlobby and go straight into the game room you were last in make sure you have Ticks beside both your username and password. When the client starts you will not be asked to confirm logon.
(Leave mouse over the checkboxes and it will show tool tips)

Edit your friendslist:

You can manually edit your friends list by opening the file hyperlobby.fls in notepad. The format is:

Edit your ignore list:

You can manually edit your ignore list by opening the file hyperlobby.ign in notepad and deleting someone who you wish to unignore. Also you must delet the group of numbers directly under their username. These numbers are the ignored persons hashed IP address. The format is:

Paging other players:

You can double left click on a users name in the chat area and it will open the pager ready to send them a message.

Tip for hosts: You can multipage all players in your game slots by typing * in the recipient name slot and then typing your message in the normal way. All users in your game will receive that message.

The pager is Global and you can page people from other game rooms but you cannot tell if they are online until you are in the same game room together. (When the recipient comes online he will get that message.)
Double left click on the Connect/Select game bar to jump between the Player List screen and the Pager screen.

Following web addresses posted in chat or pager:

To follow a link that has been posted in the Hyperlobby chat just double left click on it.

Joining coops or any game after mission launch from lobby:

To join any Il-2 game that has already launched: You have to left click on any players name who is already in the game via the the players list then click "Join player game: menu item. You will be asked to confirm connection to the game server if it might fail (joining coop in progress).

Avoid been autokicked for inactivity:

Just type a fullstop "." (without the quotation marks) in the chat and press the enter key. Nobody will see your name and fullstop in the chat but you. Now you wont be autokicked from the client for another period of time.

Connection closed message when you trying connect:

You Have been banned. It could be for 24 hours or longer. Maybe even for life, If you were really bad. What is bad is exactly described here.

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