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February 02, 2003 10:30 AM CET

HyperLobby Revision History

Revision history for HyperLobby Online System

Author: . 33943 Reads
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-3.1.40 - Changet user interface layout and functionality, Game launch slots up to 32 players, Simply Friend list: show friend status (in game, in room, hosting game, use a game launch slot), show friend change status events in to chat, chat, pagers and game slots from friend with diferent color, New layout of the Games In Progress (friends at top, passwordet servers at bottom,removed direct launch buttons), Half dividet game slots background color, Send and Retrieve informations about the game before its started, Game description up to 64 characters (before was 28), Addet some chat commands than replaces the Ping, Stop and Clear buttons, and some keyboard shortcuts (type /h in to chat to show it, /b to maximize the chat window), Instant switching betwen games without reconnecting, Player counters in game selector, Detailed Diffyculty settings for IL2 game, Autoconnect when HL start, Game slots is showed for all games, but game must be instaled when you want use a game slot, Improved searching in the game location dialog, Fixed some major Pager bugs regarding performance and missed messages, Fixed few server bugs, Some other minor bugfixes ...

-2.10.170 - Before you run HL you must read and ACCEPT License and Rules Agreement, The Room Selector drop a popup menu whis allow you to switch game room whis you want and see pilot counter per game room (Its created by request of IL2 comunity), The game location and serach dialog now search contens of the C: drive and skip searching on CD-ROM drives, When IL2 sturmovik ends the game leave the host IP address in the conf.ini entry. Now not :). Because it was used for some kinds of cheating, When client wait for game launch, the chat scrooler flashing,In some games the "Get player informations" entry not work correctly.

-2.9.163-Security fixes.

-2.9.162-New Features:updated pilot list sorting algorithm and improved popup menus handling.

-2.9.160-New Features: Addet chat Start/Stop feature, Imroved game location dialog by game search feature, Ping lites display latency in milisecond with tooltip text, addet room for DID IL2-Sturmovik online competition, Support for Falcon 4.0 Superpack 3 game (you need to read includet readme file), Support for Flanker 2.5 game (you need to read includet readme file) -Fixed few minor bugs ... -2.8.150-New Features: Addet support for JAS and MOHAA game, ADC IL2 competition, your own messages is displayed with different color in chat area.

-2.7.140-New Features: Addet support for game Operation Flashpoint (wery cool war simulation), Improved HyperLobby startup and initialization speed, Reorganisation of popup menus,Popup menus over pilots from game launch slots, Ability to cancel game start from game options dialog, Addet feature to kick user from game slot, Ignored users cant use your game slot Bug Fixes:Ignore and autoignore feature not work correctly, Dogfight in progress not display last entry, Fixed few minor bugs.

-2.6.133-Fixes:Ignore feature cause a runtime error, Enablet chat logging may cause a runtime error, New Features: Native support for BattleCom, User can send IP address to anyone trought the Pager.

-2.6.130-Dogfight In Progress(DIP) window for IL2 is sorted by server usage and not display servers with 100% usage, Session info window display join button (when is joining posible), Values for ping lites (latency) are cached, that have result faster pinging and lower ICMP protocol overload for game hosting compuers (lower about 1.5 Kb/s when is in the "Ready room" about 100 peoples), You can refres latency (ping lites) per user (by clicking at specified lite), Includet basic troubleshoting tool. HL every start create the verinfo.txt file in to the same path as hlpro.exe (main executable) file. This file contain esential informations about libraries that use HyperLobby to work. This file i WILL NEED in any kind of problemreports (have look in to HLFAQ section, how to make a problem report (BUG report) ), Chat history is expandet from 20 entries to 50. Whats fixed: Bug in the chat may lockup computer, After few hours without disconect HL may cause memory leak, Full revision of the source code that show a lot of bugs, fixed few workarrounds.

-2.6.120-DOGFIGHT IN PROGRESS window displays current and maximum allowed pilot count, When you click at DOGFIGHT IN PROGRESS player entry, it displays detailed information about mission, When you want find in which game your friend or mate is in, you can click at "Get player information" popup menu entry, Bugfixes: Computer resources overload (since 2.5.110 version) ,Slow loading of pilot list, Few other minor bugs .

-2.5.110 -Support for team play, VEF and IOW comepetion (more mission slosts), IL2 sturmovik game is started directly in to multiplayer mode, HL detect correct IP address for the IL-2 Sturmovik game (avoiding some timeout error messages), Speed up reloading of player list, Fixes: Blank lines in the chat, Incorrect scrolling of the chat, Wrong alignment of chat messages, Ping lights flashing, Missed ping lights for the "games in progress" slot, URL`s posted in to chat or pager may open incorrectly, Some other minor bugs -2.5.100 - Features: Support for IL-2 Sturmovik game, Main HL window can be resized (read note from the hlpro.ini file), Support for joining games in progress (only available for IL-2 Sturmovik), Startup splash window.

-2.4.90 - Features: Color chat, Double click at a link or email address will launch web browser or email client (both chat and pager), Double click at callsign from chat automaticaly invoke send pager window, Anticheat tester for WWII fighters now pass quick mission cheat and the disconect cheat, New color chema for default skin, Fixed: Invisible HL window bug, When you not have installed specific game , you cant view actual pilot list, Anticheat tester for WWII fighters pass some flightmodel mods, Some misc bugs.

-2.3.80 - Adddet support for IL-2 Sturmovik demo flight simulator, Fixed few bugs of user interface, Changet logical structure of hlpro.ini file (launch delays), fixed few minor bugs.

-2.2.73 - changed design (skins created for 2.1.x is not compatible with this version), two new game slots for WWII Fighters game (8 pilots, 4 pilots) ,one new gameslot for USAF and F/A-18 games (12 pilots), support for four new games: Longbow 2 (Electronics Arts), Combat Flight Simulator (Microsoft corp.), Combat Flight Simulator 2 (Microsoft corp.), European Airwar (Microprose Software), resolved few minor bugs.

-2.1.60 - Fixed few bugs in RW support, fixed lobby freeze bug in game launch subsytem.

-2.1.56 - Native support for Roger Wilco, pager ignore feature, fixed few pager bugs, fixed WWII anticheater bug, fixed few minor bugs.

-2.1.44 - Ip based autoignore ,game launch fix.

-2.1.43 - Installation fix hlinsfix.exe that can fix installation problems with broken installation (if you delete HL without uninstall) .New game launch system that fixing problem with "TCP/IP Protocol error",if hl detect error in game installation path display correction message and you can fix this error, Resolved few minor bugs from the Pager.

-2.1.42 - Fixed bug in game folder finder that not work correctly.

-2.1.41 - Rewrited game launch mechanism that not require eaexec.exe file, fixed bug in wwii fighters anticheater, new installation mechanism that allow HL reinstallation without uninstall previous version, fixed few minor bugs.

-2.1.36 - 15 second program shutdown timeout , callsign can contain only ASCII characters without spaces and quotes.

-2.1.30 - few new logos for suppoted games ,fixed sound support with new pager sound event ,added latest version of file eaexec.exe file that is required for game launch (this not require WWII Fighters game) ,fixed wrong named f-18 room ,fixed file locking bug from WWII Fighters anticheater that cause game lockout when start.

-2.1.35 - support for Spanish version version of the WWII Fighters game ,Enablet support for 1.05 English of the WWII Fighters game ,Improved game launch mechanism.

-2.1.27 - fixed Wrong password lenght that was cause runtime error 5 ,fixed latency meter bug ,added cofigurable join delays for all games (via hlpro.ini file).

-2.1.24 - Added support for others Janes simulators ,Removed backward support for JCN ,Removed support for others flightmodels (WWII Fighters part) ,New protocol version that is not compatible with any previous ,Resolved few bugs from 168 version ,Temporary removed support sounds from 168 (its disabled only by skin.ini file .Main executable support it).

- 1.1.168 - Support for sound events (configurable via skins), Autoignore feature based from jerk IP address (if jerk change callsign stay ignored :-)) , Fixed Runtime Error 5 .This doing if to the JCN lobby connecting jerk with zero lenght callsign .This jerk will be displayed in this format : ? x.x.x.x (x.x.x.x is him ip address), Now i using Visual Basic 5.0 SP3 as my development enviroment (VB5 Runtime has includet in all systems with Internet Explorer 4.x or later).This reduce installation package size , Comment in hlpro.ini for few hidden features (Chat logging,CPU priority boosting, ...) , Latest version of the sqzip.exe file that is used for cheated flightmodels detection , Game launch mechanism from 1.1.116 version (this was more stable) ,Resolved few minor bugs.

-1.1.156 - resolved few runtime bugs ,fixed ping lites bug ,fixed skin #1 bug.

-1.1.145 - ignore command for JCN client ,improved JCN communication engine ,program base priority control ,automatic ping for all game slots ,impreved game launch mechanism ,resoved few others bugs.

- 1.1.116 - fixed "no host for launch bug" and pilot leave bug.

-1.1.112 - code is completly rewrited ,support for connection to the JCN server ,popup menus at pilotlists (in HL Pro part) ,launching from the web page (only with Internet Explorer).

-0.8.228 - removed bell sound after send text from the chat,addet support for custom skins ,anticheater pass german version of the game ,fixed some bugs from the Pager ,new antispam features in the chat ,fixed computer resource hunting ,added button RE: to the pager ,fixed unrecognized flashing of launch buttons ,support for autoremember password,more ergonomical colors,and fixed some other bugs.

-0.7.197 - registration system is removed (no good idea) ,added support for wwii108mex.exe no-cd patch.

-0.7.196 - Anticheater tester , instant messaging ,registration ,install to any directory ,new interface.

-0.6.70 - automatic version control ... ballon help at all controls ... improved version of communication protocol.

-0.5.62 - In this version is fixed host launch bug and any more ....(thanks for support from AV8R).

-0.5.57 - generally changed communication protocol, added ping feature, fixed few minor bugs.

-0.4.32 - textbox HOST in the login window is changed to combobox with preddefined adresses of online servers.Adding autoreconnect feature if u lost connection to the host .

-0.3.31 - fixed many minor bugs... Renamed project from HyperCHAT to HyperLOBBY.

-0.2.22 - add 5 sec timeout for game startup on client side.

-0.2.20 - First public release.For testing.

(some versions was posted for betatesting and its not showed here)

Jiri Fojtasek

Copyright © by HyperLobby Online System
All rights reserved.

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