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Author Message

Joined: Sep 03, 2017
Posts: 1
Location: Michigan

PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:49 pm Reply with quote

Success,,, After hours upon hours of playing with it, I think I finely got everything for vp mod running???
All the time, effort, and frustration it took to get this running is the reason that this flight sim has gone from the hundreds and even thousands flying it world wide, to the hand full of die-hard iL2 pilots we have left. Something needs to be done so that everyone can fly together without all the hassle of trying to get the different mods to run. I personally would like to see this sim make a comeback to it's former glory ac the top flight sim! but not many people will spend the time it took, or the hassle to get it going. Not to mention a lot of people do not have the knowledge or patients for all the adjustments and/or file moving it takes to get this running.
Sorry if this seems like a rant! But I have always loved this sim and came back to it after a 10 year brake, to find the community's splintered and a half dozen mods that are incompatible with each other. With il2 1946 4.12.2 and then all the different MOD's (4.13.4, Hsfx, VP) and I am sure more taking up an average hard drive space of 125 gig each, that is alot of hard drive space taken up if someone wants to have the ability to fly with other pilots that have a differing version or different versions of the sim.
That being said! All the Squads, pilots, and community's of the il2 sims should work collectively together to make this into one sim again!!!
I am looking forward to seeing the eye candy, and all the new planes added, But would like to see someone do something to get, and /or heep pilots flying and stay with this sim again.

Sorry for the Rant.
Maj. Richard Bong.
A.K.A. PowerHitter=FA=. (UBI Fallen Angels Squad)
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Hyper Staff

Joined: May 11, 2010
Posts: 611

PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:29 pm Reply with quote

Been thinking about getting flying again,what version we on these days?
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Hyper Staff

Joined: Apr 03, 2010
Posts: 561
Location: London

PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:45 pm Reply with quote

The VP Media mod is for offline only it causes too many errors online.

There are variants of the VP Media mod done to suit squads requirements but it too buggy for general online use.

The stock game runs as it should v413.4

As does the HSFX patching addon for v412.2

Its not going any further forwards from a graphics point of view unless someone wants to re-write the game for DX & C++ as its optimized for OGL platform and Java scripting.

Bombs Away
Hyperlobby's dedicated bomber server.


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