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Post Newbie

Joined: Jun 04, 2010
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2012 12:00 am Reply with quote

Dear fellow airmen,

We (AviaChamp.ru) would love to invite everyone to this annual phantastic international event

The AviaChamp Teams-versus-Teams Championship.

Hereafter we present the Rules of Engagement and contact information.
If you have quesitons feel free to address them, we would be glad answering those.

TS3: axa-ts3.servegame.com (no password)

Registrations here:


AviaChamp.ru announces the annual Championship.


1.1 Purposes.

- Avia-Cybersports popularisation.
- Increase of flight- and tactical-skill of pilots.
- Definition of the best teams in this type or category of arial-combat cybersports.

1.2 Time and place

- Submissions of demands from teams for participation in this tournament are allowed from August 6th to August 25th.
- Publication of participants and of a calendar of matches for the championship will be available on August 25.
- Competitions will begin with August 26th on the servers, which addresses will be published together with the championship-calendar of matches.

1.3 Management.

- The championship is carried out under the general management of the portal Aviachamp (aviachamp.ru) (FASS).
- Organizing committee and championship SK is provided.

1.4 Participants and conditions of the championship.

The championship is carried out in the following class of fighting aviators: IL2 - v4.11.1 without mods.
Skindownload must be enabled and teams are free to use their own skin.

Settings of servers of the championship - Rules of Engagement:

- Icons to friendly aircrafts are visibile below 500 m. Enemy icons are not visibile.
- Without GPS (without planes on the map)
- speedbar in on
- External views are on, but as the flights have to be recorded, it is NOT allowed to use them. They are only for judges.
- As this is an interational event all nations are free to register and participate.
(Absence of registration won't give the chance to upload tracks of fights on a forum and will lead to team disqualification.)
- In the first instance teams will be broken down into subgroups using random sampling. Winners of subgroups will move to the next level meeting the winners of other groups.
- Places in a subgroup are qualified by the quantity of the gathered points in all matches carried out within a subgroup.
- In case of equal quantity of the gathered points at two and more teams within one subgroup, places are defined in the following order:
a) the best difference of the won/lost points in times of all carried-out matches in a subgroup.
b) by results of personal meetings between teams with equal quantity of points.

- At the second stage after the matches in the subgroups 1 and 2 places will continue fight on the Olympic system and move on to the next group-level in the tournament grid.
- Only pilots registered before the championship are allowed to participate.
- It is necessary for all participants to write down and store tracks of matches played (with serial number of a match and time).
- Upon termination of a match each participant of a match is obliged to uplaod his track not later than within half an hour after match-end or he is disqualified.
- The tracks must be uploaded UNEDITED to an official forum of the championship in a branch with number and time of the complete match.
- In case of lack of a track or delay from the uploading timelimit any protests of the participants and teams can be rejected.
- Every participant of the championship is obliged to check regularily the forums for updates, news or infos.
- The callsign used in the simulator «Il-2 Shturmovik» and in matchplays have to be the same as the names used at connections to the Teamspeakserver and to the ones used for registrations in the forums.
- Participant will need the ability of using the TeamSpeak 3.0 - both for voice communication and for written text ("chat").
- For checks of compliance to championship requirements the participants can use training servers «Il-2 Shturmovik» and TeamSpeak provided by organizers.
- The participants should appoint in advance in the simulator the button for fast record of a track and release the records folder in a game directory from extraneous tracks.
- The participant of matches should be connected to the championship teamSpeak-server not later than 15 minutes prior to appointed time of a duel and should also wait for attendance in Hyperlobby to meet the arbitrator of a match.
- The usage of external views are ONLY allowed for the arbitrators and duelling pilots are NOT allowed to use them.
- Ping to the server should NOT exceed 600 milliseconds. If throughout fights the arbitrator observes sharp changes of Ping-times at one or both participants, or the sees characteristic chaotic jumps of planes,
which are growing out of problems with communication with the server of a simulator, it is obliged to stop a duel and to ask captains to make replacements of participants of fight, in cases of impossibility to make replacements to transfer a track for analysis in the Main judicial commission of the championship.

- Documentary confirmation of results of a matches are:

- match protocol;
- tracks of all participants of a match;
- tracks of Arbitrators;
- a simulator log on the server.

1.5 Rewarding

- The team achieving the 1'st place appears as champion of tournament on Aviachamp (aviachamp.ru) is awarded by a valuable prize suprize.
- The team achieving the 2'nd place is awarded by a valuable prize aswell and will be displayed on the Aviachamp portal (aviachamp.ru).
- Teams achieving the 3'rd 4'th places are awarded by special public medals on the Aviachamp (aviachamp.ru) portal.

1.6 Terms of admission.

- Registration demands have to be done by team captains or the representatives of teams. One team can/must consist of at least 4 pilots minumun and can be 12 pilots maximum per team.
- In the demand the team name (Latin) for example =Spartak =, and all pilots of the team with the indication of callsigns and constant board number for example should be specified: 1. = Spartak = _ Ivan BN No. 77 2. = Spartak = _ Sidor BN No. 48
- And also callsigns of the captain and his contact information.
- Teams are allowed to participate in the championship by submitted demands and confirmations of the participation based on the decisions of Credentials-Committee of SK and the championship organizing committee.

Tournament plane set:

Group 1

P-40M 1942 / USA, USSR
A6M5a 1944 / Japan
Bf-109 E4 1940 / Germany
Hurricane Mk IIb 1940 / USSR, RAF
La-5F 1943 / USSR

Group 2

P-47 D-27 1944 / USA
Bf-109 G6/AS 1944 / Germany
I-16 Type 24 1939 / USSR
MC 205V Series III 1943 / Italy
Ki84-la 1944 / Japan

Group 3

P-51 D-20NA 1944 / USA
FW-190 A8 1944 / Germany
Yak-9 1942 / USSR
P-39 N1 1942 / USA, USSR
I.A.R 81c 1940 / Romania

Group 4

Bf-109 F4 19141 / Germany
Mig-3 (2xSchvak) 1941 / USSR
FW-190 D9 1944 / Germany
Spitfire Mk Vb CW 1943 / RAF
KI-61-1 ???/Japan

Group 5
La-7 1944 / USSR
Spitfire Mk Vb 1941 / RAF
Lagg-3 66 1943 / USSR
Bf-109 ?4 ?3/ Germany


2. REGULATIONS. Tournament 2012.

2.1 Tournament is carried out in the form of matches between teams. Pilots participate in a match by planes of one type.
2.2 Each total-matchplay consists of the "best of 3" principle (2:0, 2:1). One match in 1vs1, one in 2vs2 and one in 4vs4.
The teams participate with minumum 4 pilots from the total members of a team. If a teams consists of more then 4 pilots the 4-ship can be replaced with other pilots from the team but requests of switching have to happen prior to matches.

a) 1st Matches played: Duel-fights 1vs1 – four simultaneous 1vs1 duels between the 4-pilots teams. Each duel is carried out once, to a victory over the opponent ( 1:0 ).
b) 2nd Matches played: Pair-duels fight 2vs2 – two simultaneous 2vs2 duels. Each pair-fight is carried out once to a victory over the opponents ( 1:0 ).
c) 3rd Matches played: 4vs4 deul fight - fight is carried out once as full group to a general victory over all 4 opponents ( 1:0 ).

2.3 The plane choices are defined by consecutive deletion of planes in plane-groups vocally in teamspeak. The teamleaders have the right to "delete" or deny one plane of a plane-group and the opposing teamleader can cancel the next plane till one plane-set of a group remains as match-plane.
2.4 Planes must have skins (skindownload on) and teams have to use markings given and told by the judges.
2.5 The departure of pilots or teams is carried out from airfields of the corresponding color chosen by lottery and specified by the main arbitrator of a match. Permission to match-start (FLY) is carried out on readiness of teams form the command of the judges of a match.
Planes appear in air (Start in air). After emergence in the air pilots are obliged to proceed an intercept-course towards the airfield of the opponents and to fly towards each other. Little course-deviations are allowed.
2.6 Height of the first convergence or merges is any and free, but planes are airborne at 1000m altitude. Fuel - 30 %. Arms – standard. In the first time on the first convergence (merge) fire is forbidden (only in 1vs1, fire at first-passes are allowed in 2v2 and 4v4 matches).
2.7 The ram (collision) is considered as an element of war and a way of conducting fight in all times.
2.8 Each participant must start recording in the time of first departure (airborne).
2.9 If one participant looses his ability to proceed flight due to any technical issues such as "lost connection", "computer crash", "joystick problems during flight" he must proceed to his best ability and if he cant this round is lost for him.
If this situation happens before the first convergence (merge) the match can be re-played. The decision on a situation when problems that kind happen after the first merge or during the duel or fight, is made by the arbitrator of a match.
2.10 If pilots collide in 2vs2 or 4vs4 matches - the fight proceeds for others!

2.11 Passive conducting of a fight
After emergence in the air - flying in any direction but not towards the enemy.
After the first merge - ignoring bandit and extending away from the fight without recognizeable intention to fight.

- If one pilot is out of ammunition he has to proceed the flight or try to achieve a maneuver-kill against the enemy. Running aways and hoping the enemy to flame-out is not allowed.
- If passive conducting of flight is detected by the judge he will give a warning and if you do not react within one minute you get punished for that behavior.

2.12 If one pilots flames-out, fight proceeds for others in (2vs2 and 4vs4) and in 1vs1 winner is who stay in the air for at least 20seconds after the other touches the ground.
2.13 The victory is awarded by the arbitrator. Before victory is awarded you have to stay airborne after your enemies are downed and you have to switch the navigations lights on TILL the judge allows you to stop your track-recording.
2.14 Each participant is allowed to request for 5minutes breaks to solve technical problems or between matches played.
2.15 Teams which can't arrive or appear on a match-play date, should not less than in 2 hours BEFORE match-time submit to the judge of the tournament the application with a request for match transfer, with an explanation of the reasons of transfer.
2.16 Captains of teams of a match have the right to do any number of replacements from among the spare pilots specified in the demand for participation of team in competitions before match-play.
2.17 Captains of teams have the right to do a transfer or add pilots between matches during tournament. The number of additional pilots shouldn't exceed 2 pilot for all cycles of the tournament, thus a line-up together with added pilots shouldn't exceed 12 pilots.
Transfers move addressed to Hl. Judges of tournament not less than for 2hours prior to the beginning of the next match.
2.18 Captains of teams haven't the right to rearrange pilots in airfields, and also to do replacements of pilots (from among spare) if in a time flight is appointed.
2.19 Random choices by judges -if required- are made by asking teamleaders questions by the judge: ..like "I have a DO NOT READ THIS IS SPAM :D in one hand, in which one teamleader A and teamleader B" ...
2.20 For each forbidden action of pilots or teams 1 warning-point is given and the fight has to be redone.
Forbidden actions are described under Point 10.
2.21 The team which has gathered already 4 warning points will recieve -1 (one negative point) in the tournament-scoring.
2.22 If a team recieves 2 warning points they loose the right for a re-match selection in cases of a draw and loose.


RULES. Tournament 2012.


3.1 The victory in fight is awarded to the pilot who can operate his plane airborne for further 20 seconds after the opponent had crashed or landed.
The pilot should be alive and the plane shouldn't have fatal damages like missing wing, tail or burning in flames and going down. Not spinning propeller doesnt apply.
- The pilot who has executed parachute jump, is considered brought down.
- The pilot who disengaged and has made landing, is considered brought down.
- The pilot who has left in a briefing of the arbitrator, is considered brought down.

3.2 The victory is given (only in 1vs1 matches) to the non-firing pilot if his opponent opened fire before the first merge!!
3.3 The victory is given to the remaining pilot if his opponent has been disqualified by the judge for legit reasons.


4.1 The victory in the 1vs1 category belongs to that team which has won the most duels in 1vs1 matches. That team gets 1 victory points.
As a team consists of 4 pilots, all of them fly simultaniously 1vs1. If a team looses and wins with 2 pilots a final 1vs1 match between 2 pilots
(one of each team) is to be made to determine the final winner.
4.2 The victory in the 2vs2 category (2x 2vs2 flights simultaniously) belongs to that team which has won the most duels in 2vs2 matches. That team gets 2 victory points.
4.3 The victory in the 4vs4 category (team vs team each 4 pilots) belongs to that team which has won the most duels in 4vs4 matches. That team gets 3 victory points.


5.1 The total victory of matches in all categories is awarded to the team which has obtained the most points within the 3 categories (1v1, 2v2 and 4vs4) compared to the points of other teams.
5.2 For a victory within all category-matches the winning team is awarded with 2 points in the tournament.
5.3 For absence or delay of a team with more than 30 minutes on a match, this theam recieves a penalty (with the score 0:6) whereas the present team is awarded with 2 points in the tournament.
5.4 To the team which has received three official preventions in a match, defeat in a match is set off. After such loss of team, 3 preventions are subtracted from total of official preventions of team in tournament.
5.5 The victory is given to a team if the opposing team has been caught using external views in the match-tracks.


6.1 The global victory in the tournament is awarded to the team which has gathered the most quantity of points in all matches in all categories (if the tournament was staged on a circular system).
If the tournament was staged based an Olympic system (loosing teams falls out, winning team moves to next level), the victory is awarded to team which won consistently all matches of tournament.
If Circular- of Olympic-System depends on the numbers of registered teams at the beginning at will be announced before begin.
In case of equal quantity of tournament-points gathered in matches (if the tournament passed on circular system) from two or several teams, the victory is awarded to the team which has won more single matches compared to the team with same tournament-points.
6.2 Distribution of prize-winning places in a tournament goes according to the rule 6.1.


7.1 The draw appears in a fight, if non of the pilots can be awarded a victory in fight in compliance with 3.1-3.3 of the Rules.
7.2 A draw in fights (1vs1, 2vs2 and 4vs4) is declared, if pilots leave the game after victory or kills without permission of the judges.
This ensures the unambiguous clarification of a victory as survivers must stay airborne for at least 20 seconds.


8.1 A draw appears in 1vs1 and 2vs2 matches, if teams won equal number of fights.
8.2 A draw appears in the 4vs4 matches, if all pilots of both teams are considered as the brought down.
8.3 In case of a draws in each category additional fights have to be carried out in order to determine the final winner.
In 1vs1 matches (where 2 teams aka 4 pilots flew 1vs1 simultaniously) only 1 pilot must fight 1 pilot of the opposing as final match.
In 2vs2 matches (where 2 teams aka 4 pilots flew 2vs2 simultaniously) only 2 pilots must fight 2 pilots of the opposing team as final match.
In 4vs4 matches (where 2 teams aka 4 pilots flew 1 4vs4 match) all 4 pilots of each team must fight again.


9.1 If two or more teams have equal category points (achieved in 1vs1, 2v2 and 4vs4 matches) an final determing match has to be played in on of the categories.
What category that will be (1vs1, 2vs2 or 4vs4) is determined by the teams by ruling out categories not to be played. The remaining category will be matchplay.


10.1 After being airborne in air course-derivations from more than 45°degress to the right or the left and not flying towards the opposing team or pilot.
10.2 In 2vs2 and 4vs4 matches to use wing-lights, smokes and landing-lights. Short-term exceptions (i.e to form up ONLY at start) can be granted ONLY by permission of the judge.
10.3 To jump out with a parachute after your plane received fatal damages.
10.4 To break a rules of skins and the rules of markings (item 2.4).

a) Usage of different types of the planes which have not been regulated in item 1.7 "Regulations on the championship" and item 2.3 (a plane choice)
b) Usage of a set of arms ammunitions, distinct from standard (item 2.6).

10.6 Conducting of passive flight as described above.
10.7 Help of the members of teams who are not participating, brought down pilots, and audience. They are not allowed ot give observant advises.
10.8 Disrespectful, unsportsman-like behavior. (An intended insult towards participants of a match or pilots, judges and also the audience in a chat or the HARDWARE)
10.9 Refusal to fulfill requirements or requests of arbitrators or judges.
10.10 Violation of a rule of replacements (item 2.1Cool.
10.11 A departure (airborne or hit FLY) of the pilots or teams before or after 10 seconds after the START-call of the judge.


11.1 In case of disagreements with one of the parties or the solution of judge of a match, the team-captains have the right to submit a complaint to the main organisation jury within 15minutes.
11.2 The judiciary board considers a protest asap after recieving it and only with the existence of a track of the recorded fight. In case of positive consideration of a protest the results of fights, rounds or a matches changes.


12.1 A certain player or a team is disqualified for 3rd identical forbidden actions during one match.
12.2 A certain player or team is disqualified for application on the computer (programs giving obvious benefit in game) of one of the parties – CHEATS.
12.3 Disqualiefied teams are not permitted to participate in future championships and all their flights will be canceled.
12.4 Pilots will be disqualified till the end of competitions for the usage of "external views" during a match.


The first head-on altitude is not specified and gunfire is allowed. Fuel load - 30%, standard armament.
Ramming is allowed as normal combat technique.
Every pilot must turn the flight recording on at the mission start.

Forbidden behavior:

- to divert for more than 90 degrees from the route to the opposing team's airfield;
- to use outside views, even after being shot down;
- to use a navigation lights, landing lights, smokes;
- to use a parachutes;
- to use a help from non-fighting squad mates, downed pilots, spectators.

Tournament plane set:

Group 1

P-40M 1942 / USA, USSR
A6M5a 1944 / Japan
Bf-109 E4 1940 / Germany
Hurricane Mk IIb 1940 / USSR, RAF
La-5F 1943 / USSR

Group 2

P-47 D-27 1944 / USA
Bf-109 G6/AS 1944 / Germany
I-16 Type 24 1939 / USSR
MC 205V Series III 1943 / Italy
Ki84-la 1944 / Japan

Group 3

P-51 D-20NA 1944 / USA
FW-190 A8 1944 / Germany
Yak-9 1942 / USSR
P-39 N1 1942 / USA, USSR
I.A.R 81c 1940 / Romania

Group 4

Bf-109 F4 19141 / Germany
Mig-3 (2xSchvak) 1941 / USSR
FW-190 D9 1944 / Germany
Spitfire Mk Vb CW 1943 / RAF
KI-61-1 /Japan

Group 5
La-7 1944 / USSR
Spitfire Mk Vb 1941 / RAF
Lagg-3 66 1943 / USSR
Bf-109 ?4 ?3/ Germany


Note: I (-A.S-) am not part of the organisation and only translated the rules into english posting them here aswell.
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