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 New 2.4.90 version, Feature in PC-PILOT magazine and some more More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello all

Next update is out. Details about the new version...

-Colour chat
-Double clicking on a link or email address will launch web browser or email client (both chat and pager)
-Double clicking on a callsign from chat will automatically invoke send pager window
-Anticheat tester for WWII fighters will now pass quick mission cheat and the disconnect cheat
-New colour scheme for default skin
Help for some of these new features by Tim Crowley a.k.a ZG77_Rupture.
Thanks Tim.

-Fixed invisible HL window bug
-When you have not installed specific game, you can't view actual pilot list
-Fixed anticheat tester for WWII fighters
-Fixed some misc bugs

Now i am preparing a new server for Hyperlobby. Some new features will be available soon:
-Browser for chat logs history (you will be able to read what people have been talking about)
-Active pilot counts
-Usage history for each room
-A JCN style enter webpage that automatically launches HL
-Some more :-)
This will be my Christmas present for all flight simulation fans...

Few months ago some impostors and abusers entered the messageboard. This problem has only just been discovered (as you can see). I have now completely remade the messageboard and it now supports password protection. Fake account protection is based from a key handshake by email.

I am glad to tell all that PC-PILOT magazine wrote about our HyperLobby. The article was very good! An interview with redactor of this great magazine has been done with my friend and sqdmate Ade Pitman a.k.a JG27*Fatbear. He also sent me the issue of PC-PILOT magazine with the HyperLobby article. WOW this magazine is really good! These guys have done some very good work. I found in the magazine great news from the flight simulation world, information's and revisions about new hardware for flight simulations fans. More information about this magazine can found at Information ticket on the Hyperlobby website.

Just all, have fun!

corrected by Vincent Paul a.k.a 61SHAP^Mapo
Posted by JG27*Hyper on Thursday, November 22, 2001 @ 19:50:41 CET (1171 reads)

 Support for IL-2 Sturmovik demo coming out with new version 2.3.80 More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello HyperLobby fans !!!

The next improved version of HyperLobby is out. General changes for this new version are support for IL-2 Sturmovik demo flight simulator by 1C:MADDOX GAMES and UBI SOFT ENTERTAIMENT. Other changes from previous version:

-Fixed few bugs of user interface
-Changed logical structure of hlpro.ini file (launch delays)
-Fixed few minor bugs

This version is out so soon by the efforts of these people:

Stuart Berry a.k.a ZG77_Beard
Vincent Paul a.k.a 61SHAP^Mapo
Howard Leveque a.k.a SD-J.REB

... thanks to my friends.

Because I do not have all the required information about IL-2 Sturmovik demo flight simulator, it is not possible for a fully automatic game run/launch system. You must read the included readme that explains how to correctly run and setup the game in HL online system (file il2beta_note.txt from hlpro2380.zip archive). This step will avoid some mistakes, and save space in my mailbox :o). The same note is in the manual (HYPERLOBBY section of this website).

For HyperLobby newbies.
Welcome to our community!. I started this project one year ago and the basic idea of this online gaming system is join all flight simulator fans in to one strong virtual simulation community... Structure of this website is also very similar:

HOME/NEWS - I think this does not require an explanation
HYPERLOBBY - there is manual for HyperLobby client (read it ,there is essential information within)
DOWNLOAD - latest official versions of HL and other required downloads
HLFAQ - frequently asked questions about HL and supported games
MESSAGEBOARD - forum about multiplay issues for supported flight simulators
GUESTBOOK - place where u can post opinions ...
LINKS - I hope that I will finish this section soon ...

I hope that u will find an airbase of fun here at this place. When you have any suggestions, ideas and other offers, contact me by posting it in the message board. Credit windows have unlimited capacity .

Official note.

Banning and other protections of HL, is to enable smooth running. I hope that you enter the HL chat rooms only as a fan of flight simulations, not for the purpose of bothering or harassing others. Moderators and administrators will periodically be In all HL rooms. Identity of these people is, and will remain hidden. Also any personal grievances are not allowed in HL. Before you start any bothering or other anti social behaviour, please be sure that all related actions will be penalized! How? read the "Official note" for details.

Have fun my friends !!!

Jiri Fojtasek a.k.a JG27*Hyper
corrected by Vincent Paul a.k.a 61SHAP^Mapo
Posted by JG27*Hyper on Friday, September 07, 2001 @ 20:49:07 CEST (1428 reads)

 New 2.2.73 version More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello all;Hello all;Hello All;

New version of the HyperLobby is out...
Important new features:
-changed design (skins created for 2.1.x is not compatible with this version)
-two new game slots for WWII Fighters game (8 pilots, 4 pilots).
-one new gameslot for USAF and F/A-18 games (12 pilots).
-support for four new games:
* Longbow 2 (Electronics Arts)
* Combat Flight Simulator (Microsoft corp.)
* Combat Flight Simulator 2 (Microsoft corp.)
* European Air War (Microprose Software)
-resolved few minor bugs

Have fun ...

Jiri Fojtasek aka JG27_Hyper
Posted by JG27*Hyper on Tuesday, July 24, 2001 @ 20:47:17 CEST (1362 reads)

 New 2.1.60 version More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello all;Hello all;

This version contain only fixes:
-Fixed few bugs in RW support.
-Fixed lobby freeze bug in game launch subsytem.

When you browse MESSAGEBOARD section you can see a little improvement. I hope that you enjoy this new discusion forums. This board is under development and is posible that i improve functionality of this board with:
-Name registration,user profiles.
-Badwords scanner.
-Graphical smiles support :)
-etc, etc, ...

Under the Statistics table you can see HyperLobby download button that you can add at your website. Simply add at your site this html code:

Have fun ...

Jiri Fojtasek a.k.a JG27_Hyper
Posted by JG27*Hyper on Tuesday, July 17, 2001 @ 20:44:45 CEST (1426 reads)

 New 2.1.56 version and more More about Printer Friendly Read More...
HyperLobbyHello all;
As i see no more bugs from previous version are reported (sorry for users that dont know use e-mail and not reading the HL FAQ section how can send bugreport).
For this i publishing new improved version of the HL...
Posted by JG27*Hyper on Sunday, June 03, 2001 @ 20:42:46 CEST (2908 reads)

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