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 IL2/FB Dedicated Server: FINALLY !!! More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

I have found that someone begin understant what the flight simulation comunity need and want ...

Well, we have years awaited dedicated server for the game that just leading World War 2 flight simulation: Forgotten Battles from the Maddox Games company ...

Iam glad to say that this dedicated server is partially compatible with the current version of the HyperLobby Online System ...

The incompatibility with this software is based from the different name of the executable. It should be fixed by renaming the "il2server.exe" to "il2fb.exe". Next diference is passing difficulty settings in to the server. This will be solved by the next release of HL. Is posible that i made a standalone thin client for the HL, designed only to use with the server software :)

So i think its good news :)

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Friday, October 31, 2003 @ 20:38:35 CET (2235 reads)

  How to run IL-2 dedicated server with HyperLobby More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

A guy called Wildhoney have done application that allow ForgottenBattles fans use the dedicated server also with the HyperLobby Online Service and for the basic dedicated server usage :)

Details how its works and other related informations you can found at Wildhoney's website:


PS: Its amazing how genius the Russian peoples are, and how stupid is ...

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 @ 22:05:30 CEST (1700 reads)

 Latest news from the HL front More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

Some good news regarding Forgotten Battles dedicated server:
cross link in to UBI forum

Bad news regarding HL:
Iam now busy from my job so the next uptates (4.x vesion) will wait ...

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Tuesday, October 14, 2003 @ 21:39:11 CEST (1255 reads)

 New poll and old poll result More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

A time ago i start a poll about HL popularity. So the result is (with my short comments):

32% - It support the best flight simulators ever
- Really ? J/K

14% - It's the only place to meet experienced pilots
- Yes, its really hard for me to made a kill ;)

14% - It's good piece of software
- I do not think, but it will be already better

12% - It have spirit of ol's Jane's comunity
- Yes, by me its the general thing why is the HL popular

10% - Without Sturmomania it got dead ever
- This question was a joke because without "Sturmomania" all the supported sims will be propable still popular, or there will be other sims supported by HL :D

Now about the new survey ...
Someone get informations that HyperLobby version 4.x will be prepared to launch soon and this survey i will use to gather information from people to made new display resolution standart. Current display resolution standart is 800x600. It reflect "common" resolution standart from three years ago. I think its today obsollette and new display resolution standar should be moved in to 1024x768 as minimum. This thing will help me made new HL 4.x design, where i should add all things thats are on the plan :) Lets vote, 4.x design will be based from it ...

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Monday, August 25, 2003 @ 21:38:25 CEST (1296 reads)

 New version 3.3.55 More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

New version of HyperLobby is done :). This version have some general improvements, so all the old versions was disabled ...

New features:
- New cometetion rooms for FB game:
- Better optimalization of the server netcode
- FB GAme: Dogfight room was renamed in to general room, and GOG. MISSION 4 is now COOP MISSION 1 as was before in IL2 game.

Bugfixes: ( no one was reported but i already found few )
- Fixed some graphcs issues in the /max mode
- Optimized chat code
- Some other minor bugs ...

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Sunday, August 24, 2003 @ 14:58:57 CEST (1296 reads)

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