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 Server limits will be raised soon More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

I have started fight with current HL player limitation ... Before it became official, i need done some tests of the new technology i using for increase player limits ....

Untill all be done i sometime run old and new version of the server to track all posible errors. When the server will be tuned to handle that load i will rework the client, to be fully compatible with this new technology.

You will experience some problems with the client untill all be done.

Any issues you found, post please in to this thread:

Maximum Players Allowed

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Saturday, January 29, 2005 @ 13:10:12 CET (2380 reads)

 New version 3.7.74 More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

Next version of HL is out. So lets read whats new :)

New Features:
- Room list have new layout (two columns)
- Server for IL2FB can set port number (multiple servers behind single IP address)
- IL2FB client rate default to 3000 (28.8 Kbit)
- IL2FB server can setup 64 players session (dedicated server should support it)

- Fixed few autoreconnect issues
- Fixed few minor bugs

Port number feature need to be tested. I really dont know if this working correctly. Also is high recomendet update to this version because of compatibility issues. Previous version will be kicked within few days ...

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Friday, September 24, 2004 @ 21:20:54 CEST (3487 reads)

 New version 3.6.68 More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyNew Features:
- Static ignore list. List of ignored users is saved to the file, so when i got a report for banning i will ban both sides ;)
- Autoreconnect for game sessions in progress, so no more manual reconnect for dedicated machines when is the main HL server restarted, or when connection to the server fail.
- Server list scrollbar.
- Removed Jane's WW2 Fighters antichet tester
- Added dynamic competition rooms configuration.

- Fixed runtime 340 error.
- some other ...

- Because the competition rooms was chaotic i have removed all the extra rooms. But dont worry. This new version featuring dynamic room configuration, so all the rooms come back in short time, without new HL version requirements !

To add a competition room in to HL i need an application from the competition mantainer, that must be posted in to the "Online competitons" forum ...

Direct forum link is here:

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Thursday, July 01, 2004 @ 21:16:46 CEST (2408 reads)

 New version 3.5.60 More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

After few months is here next official release of the Hyperlobby. It have some new features and bugfixes. So come look at it:

New Features:
- Support for the Lock On Modern Aircombat game
- Pager accept up to 490 characters (400 was before)
- Game launch slot resizing to corespond with host "max players" settings (all FB competition rooms now have the same design. 32,16,16)
- Some old games is disabled for the game selector (can be enabled by hlpro.ini)
- List of games in the game selector is reversed and can be reordered (tricky, via hlpro.ini)
- Completly removed support for Longbow 2 game (it was already not work)
- Added new "Free Chat" room
- Chat message from the game host show current/max players count
- Removed competition rooms from IL2 Sturmovik
- Added new competition room "Fighter Sweeps" http://alloutwar.com/IL2FS/
- Added new competition room "GQG Center" http://www.gqg-center.com/

- Pager message was truncated to 200 characters when it has size betwen 200 - 250 characters
- When host set game informations and change the host position in to another slot, set information window not popup
- Some other that i cant remember :)

Have fun

Jiri Fojtasek
Posted by JG27*Hyper on Monday, January 12, 2004 @ 20:54:32 CET (2043 reads)

 Lock On Modern Aircombat - Now supported by HyperLobby More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

I have done first testing version of the HyperLobby that supporting this new game. This version is pre release, it mean something should be changet until final release :)

Link for download and more details you can found in the Lock On Forum ...

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Sunday, November 30, 2003 @ 17:18:30 CET (1919 reads)

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