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 Website maintenance More about Printer Friendly

Hello All

I starting work at website upgrade. Until i finish this work, the forum will be disabled because of database upgrade. So be patient untill i will finish it ...


Posted by JG27*Hyper on Tuesday, March 15, 2005 @ 19:40:55 CET (2274 reads)

 New version 3.8.92 More about Printer Friendly

Hello All

Next version is ready. Its only bugfix release but fixing one major bug. Its one from general upgrades ...

-PF and FB timeout fixes
-Sound when return from game fixed


Posted by JG27*Hyper on Monday, February 21, 2005 @ 19:15:26 CET (2476 reads)

 New version 3.8.90 More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

Next version of HL is ready. We have support for the Pacific Fighters standalone game and fixed some major bugs from the previous release. Userlimit problems are fixed, but there is some issues left ...

As before, this new HL is downloadable only from locations posted bellow. It is not available in the download section of this website. Setting up those mirrors help me short the time betwen HL releases :)

-Support for the "Pacific Fighters" game
-Lock-On server can setup session for 99 players
-HL must be run on the background when the game is in progress
-Default netspeed of IL2FB and PF is set to 8000
-Fixed few major bugs (some still pendings and will be fixed soon)

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Friday, February 18, 2005 @ 19:55:56 CET (2163 reads)

 New version 3.8.80 More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

New version of HL is ready :)


- Playerlimit problem fixed
- Game description text extended up to 128 chars
- Game description character is translated as newline, so game description text can be formated to multiple lines :)
- Players per game in IL2FB raised to 99 (more later, it need some rework of the user interface)
- Support for new game Wings Over Vietnam (HL supporting this game was included on the distribution CD)

I need say special thanks to:

Dmitriy Goryainov
Lindle Romero
Tomi Tikka

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Saturday, February 05, 2005 @ 13:05:15 CET (2162 reads)

 Server limits will be raised soon More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

I have started fight with current HL player limitation ... Before it became official, i need done some tests of the new technology i using for increase player limits ....

Untill all be done i sometime run old and new version of the server to track all posible errors. When the server will be tuned to handle that load i will rework the client, to be fully compatible with this new technology.

You will experience some problems with the client untill all be done.

Any issues you found, post please in to this thread:

Maximum Players Allowed

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Saturday, January 29, 2005 @ 12:10:12 CET (2322 reads)

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IL-2 Cliffs of Dover0
Dangerous Waters0
Pacific Fighters0
Wings Over Vietnam0
Lock On0
IL-2 Sturmovik 194625
Strike Fighters: P10
Fighter Squadron0
Flanker 2.50
Falcon 4.0 Allied Force0
Medal Of Honor...0
Operation Flashpoint0
IL-2 Sturmovik0
IL-2 Sturmovik DEMO0
European Air War0
CFS 20
Free Chat0
Fleet Comander0
Fighters Anthology0
WWII Fighters0

Total: 25 players