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  How to run IL-2 dedicated server with HyperLobby More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

A guy called Wildhoney have done application that allow ForgottenBattles fans use the dedicated server also with the HyperLobby Online Service and for the basic dedicated server usage :)

Details how its works and other related informations you can found at Wildhoney's website:


PS: Its amazing how genius the Russian peoples are, and how stupid is ...

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 @ 22:05:30 CEST (1627 reads)

 Latest news from the HL front More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

Some good news regarding Forgotten Battles dedicated server:
cross link in to UBI forum

Bad news regarding HL:
Iam now busy from my job so the next uptates (4.x vesion) will wait ...

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Tuesday, October 14, 2003 @ 21:39:11 CEST (1189 reads)

 New poll and old poll result More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

A time ago i start a poll about HL popularity. So the result is (with my short comments):

32% - It support the best flight simulators ever
- Really ? J/K

14% - It's the only place to meet experienced pilots
- Yes, its really hard for me to made a kill ;)

14% - It's good piece of software
- I do not think, but it will be already better

12% - It have spirit of ol's Jane's comunity
- Yes, by me its the general thing why is the HL popular

10% - Without Sturmomania it got dead ever
- This question was a joke because without "Sturmomania" all the supported sims will be propable still popular, or there will be other sims supported by HL :D

Now about the new survey ...
Someone get informations that HyperLobby version 4.x will be prepared to launch soon and this survey i will use to gather information from people to made new display resolution standart. Current display resolution standart is 800x600. It reflect "common" resolution standart from three years ago. I think its today obsollette and new display resolution standar should be moved in to 1024x768 as minimum. This thing will help me made new HL 4.x design, where i should add all things thats are on the plan :) Lets vote, 4.x design will be based from it ...

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Monday, August 25, 2003 @ 21:38:25 CEST (1244 reads)

 New version 3.3.55 More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello All

New version of HyperLobby is done :). This version have some general improvements, so all the old versions was disabled ...

New features:
- New cometetion rooms for FB game:
- Better optimalization of the server netcode
- FB GAme: Dogfight room was renamed in to general room, and GOG. MISSION 4 is now COOP MISSION 1 as was before in IL2 game.

Bugfixes: ( no one was reported but i already found few )
- Fixed some graphcs issues in the /max mode
- Optimized chat code
- Some other minor bugs ...

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Sunday, August 24, 2003 @ 14:58:57 CEST (1245 reads)

 New email address More about Printer Friendly
HyperLobbyHello all

I have changet my email address. The old one j.fojtasek@stonline.sk is being unused and i will not read it anymore.

Selected V.I.P. i will contact directly with my new email addy.

So if anyone want direct private contact to me, please use the Private Messaging system of this website ;)

Posted by JG27*Hyper on Friday, August 22, 2003 @ 16:32:20 CEST (1199 reads)

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